Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    taxonomy of patients’ response modes in the doctor-patient discourse    M.Sc.    ghani, farzane    2012-02-26
2    Error Tagging Learner Corpus of Arabic-speaking Learners of Persian at Intermediate Level    M.Sc.    tabatabaei, ezat    2012-05-06
3    A General Description of Kormanji Dialect of Biglar Village (Quchan)    M.Sc.    GHANBARI, JAVAD    2012-12-02
4    Examining and describing the meaning of some adverbs words from the perspective of cognitive semantics    M.Sc.    Akbarpour, Hamed    2013-01-15
5    The study of Image Schema in Seyavash Story of Shahname on the basis of Cognitive Linguistics    M.Sc.    Jalalian, sara    2013-03-09
6    A survey on the comprehension time of Farsi sentences by Farsi script vs. Finglish script    M.Sc.    Haghshenas, Mohammad Ali    2013-04-24
7    An Analysis & Description of Azghandi Dialect    M.Sc.    Naddaf Azghandi, Ehsane    2013-04-24
8    The cognitive survey of the content \\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    hoseini, neda    2013-04-24
9    Study of iconicity in poems of Hafiz ,Saadi and Molavi    M.Sc.    Yazdanpanah, Hadi    2013-05-18
10    A Linguist Analysis Of Humor Techniques In Stand Up Comedy    M.Sc.    amareh, robabeh    2013-05-18
11    A Survey on Uniformity hypothesis in Rumi\'s Masnavi Based on Laklau & Muffe\'s approach    M.Sc.    maleki, marzieh    2013-10-21
12    linguistic analysis of yellow news    M.Sc.    Tehranifar, Atiyeh    2013-10-21
13    A Study of lingual features of nonverbal experiences of Persian women and girls based on cognitive issues    Ph.D    Akhlaghi Baghoojari, ELham    2014-02-03
14    presenting criteria for identification of metaphors by using MIP procedure    Ph.D    ,    2014-03-11
15    The Linguistic Atlas of Sarvelayat Turkish (Neishabour)    M.Sc.    sadeghi, mostafa    2014-04-28
16    The analysis of metaphors, metonymies and image schemas of Gham in Fereydoon Moshiri’s poems    M.Sc.    GHASEMI, AZADEH    2014-06-01
17    A Study of the Reasons for Acceptance or Non-acceptance of Words Adopted by Academy of Persian Language and Literature    M.Sc.    rasouli var, saeed    2014-06-01
18    Designing a test to evaluate pragmatic skills using Developmental Individual Differences and Relations    M.Sc.    Saadatpour, Fatemeh    2014-06-10
19    An examination of some of Khayyam's Quatrains on the basis of discourse theory of Laclou and Mouffe    M.Sc.    shariati, zeynab    2014-09-08
20    The Study of Kurdish and Turkish Language Minorities’ Attitudes Towards Standard Persian Language in Iran    M.Sc.    pirouzfar, mandana    2014-10-15
21    Comparing the meanings of (bread) and (meat) between the languages of Farsi and English from Cognitive perspective    M.Sc.    Abdollahi Nezhad, Ali    2014-10-15
22    Modification of the Persian writing system: Freuency and psychological analysis of replacement of the multiple graphemes    M.Sc.    bakhshi, fateme    2014-10-15
23    Evaluation of Graffiti from a Linguistic Perspective in Some Districts of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Jami, Nastaran    2014-10-15
24    Analyzing and describing linguistic science applications in Iran's society    M.Sc.    jahantab, elham    2014-10-29
25    The comparison of God-centered speech acts in Persian and English languages    M.Sc.    Mirshahi, Lida    2014-11-12
26    check semantic linguistics misunderstanding of some of high frequency words in couple communication    M.Sc.    alavi, hoda    2014-11-19
27    The Examination of Linguistic Representation of Face and Violence in Cyber Space    M.Sc.    balaghi, pegah    2015-02-03
28    A survey in The Relationship between products 'Trading Brand and people tendency to buy product    M.Sc.    Akbari, Zahra    2015-05-17
29    The investigation of the embodied pattern of emotion in prose in Persian language database.    M.Sc.    emami, nazanin    2015-05-31
30    Synchronic Semantic Change of Arabic Words in Persian    M.Sc.    Jowshani, Ali    2015-12-15
31    Praise in Hafez Poems    M.Sc.    azmoodeh, mahsa    2016-02-02
32    A Conceptual Analysis of the Word    Ph.D    Navidi Baghi, Sakineh    2016-06-28
33    level stylistics and its application in women cloth fashion and advertisements based on Kres and Van leeuwen descriptive Model    M.Sc.    gholami, afshan    2017-05-30
34    Why are jokes funny? Persian Joke Analysis Based on Conceptual Blending Theory Fauconnier and Turner    M.Sc.    Tavakoli, Hassan    2018-01-02
35    Conceptualization of “Masalan” in Contemporary Persian Language    M.Sc.    Nasiri, Seyyed Mahdi    2018-03-06